About me

When I'm not clinging in trees or climbing on boulders I have Interaction Design and beautiful websites in my mind.

I am a generalist, I don't believe in becoming a specialist and only focus on one thing. Instead I always strive to have wide range of skills and qualities, making it possible to see and understand problems from a broader perspective. I think it is vital to understand users' needs when creating a new piece of software or service, designing for everyone is often equal to designing for no one.

I believe in creating great experiences for users and always ask who the user is and what the true needs are. Creating elegant and intuitive solutions where simplicity is in focus is something I always strive for.

Even though I am passionate about the web and interaction design I am always interested in learning new things along the full development chain. Testing a new programming language is always fun and during my education at Chalmers I've encountered a broad range of languages; from low level languages such as assembler and C to functional languages such as Haskell and Erlang.