About me

When I'm not clinging in trees or climbing on boulders I have Web Development and Interaction Design and in my mind.

I like to see myself as a generalist, even though I’ve come to be a specialist in front end development. I’m always curious to learn new concepts and I always strive to have a wide range of skills and qualities, making it possible to see and understand problems from a broad perspective. I think it is vital to understand users' needs when creating a new piece of software or service, designing for everyone is often equal to designing for no one.

Creating elegant and intuitive solutions where simplicity is in focus is something I always strive for. With an educational background in Computer science and Interaction design I believe in creating great experiences for users. I always try to keep the true needs of the user in the back of my mind.

I truly enjoy the human side of software development and finding effective means of working together. I enjoy teaching concepts I’ve learnt and supporting colleagues. I believe that openness and a supportive culture are vital parts for a well working team environment.